How To Take Control of Your Dancing-YOU Are The Key!

On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy we interview Melissa Dexter and Giacomo Steccaglia. These two are a dynamic duo and emphasize movement over over analyzing in your head.I enjoyed their very energetic and impressive class and we sat down with Melissa and Giacomo directly after their class”You Are The Key” at The Dance Congress held at the 30th Anniversary Emerald Ball.

These two emphasized that to know something you must experience it! All of us have access to an incredible amount of information. But Melissa asks,” You know it, but are you doing it!” The problem or challenge that Melissa and Giacomo notice is that some dancers feel they don’t know enough ,which leads them to feelings of not being good enough. Giacomo explains one doesn’t have to know that much to be good! They emphasize dancers must ultimately practice to the speed of the music, not practice some “Quantum Physics” style of rehearsal. This was an incredibly funny and informative interview.

These two have such a great delivery of information. They reveal very helpful game plans to get out of your head. “Stop thinking, NOW you have to dance! ” Melissa and Giacomo inspired me to dance ! I know they will inspire you! Enjoy!

Watch the full episode below!