How To Share The Beauty of Dancing And Inspire The Audience

I am as mesmerized with this couple on and off the floor. 

Victor and Anastasia are extremely popular with audiences. They engage with the audience and their love of people really shines through when they perform. 

The generosity of these Dance Stars is evident in that they took the time for this Dance Teachers Academy Podcast after touring 6 cities in 10 days, flying from Japan and instructing at The Congress which was a part of The 30th Anniversary Emerald Ball!

V. Fung & A. Muravyeva teaching at the 2019 United States Congress.
“Musicality through Body Motion” with V. Fung & A. Muravyeva
2019 United States Dance Congress

The conversation starts with Victor expressing that one should have passion for what you do, whatever you do. His passion is dancing which he views as an art form with a sport element. 

He discusses how his mindset has changed from wanting to beat everyone and be number one to sharing his art form.

The discussion is so interesting also as Victor and Anastasia explain how they have taken the point of leading and following out of their dancing.

Rather their partnership is more of a conversation. That they are dancing together at the same time and expressing themselves. They meet in the dance, and meet in the motion, both partners capable of doing their own part and maintaining their best individuality. Anastasia feels she has learned the most from experiencing this type of dancing with Victor.

Victor and Anastasia share this concept with dancers they coach, some of those dancers being their fellow competitors! They help their students identify what they are good at and help them to create that as their signature. Also, Victor and Anastasia explain the competition floor should be instinct through practice. And that teachers should always be encouraging.

We go deep into mindset on this interview with their 

  • “No limitations”attitude. 
  • What you think is what you project. -Your mind decides how your body is going to react.
  • Dancing can be a cure for many things. 
  • How we touch creates different energy and how touch is so important! A simple touch brings so much happiness to our partners ( Anastasia wrote an article about this.)

In speaking with these two, the depth of their dancing is so intimate. 

Enjoy this terrific interview!

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