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How to Avoid Interruptions while Streaming

To all our valued customers,

With the ongoing situation regarding the Coronavirus, many of you are aware of the important part the internet is playing in our daily lives. Never before has the internet become so ingrained in our daily work, study and play. With more people accessing the internet at all times of the day, depending on your internet service provider, you may experience speeds that are “throttled”; that is to say, the internet in your area may be regulated to lower network congestion so the infrastructure isn’t overloaded. (This is what causes internet outages from time to time).

Chances are, you may experience this while using our Dance Vision library on your computer. To get around this, we highly suggest you use the Dance Vision app, available for iOS & Android devices. With the app, you have the ability to download the steps you want and watch them offline, anywhere, at any time. Just one download will save your data, especially if you want to refer back to your steps over and over.

To download a step:
Tap the step you want to download; 3 options will come up. Select “Download”.

To watch a step:
Tap on “Downloads” in the mini-navigation bar in the bottom right hand corner. All downloaded steps will appear there for offline viewing.

It’s that simple! Download the Dance Vision App today on the App Store or Google Play.

iOS –
Android –


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