How Dance Helped a 7 Foot Purple Dinosaur Named Barney

On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy we feature Carey Stinson, the purple dinosaur, Barney, from T.V. and has devoted 28 years of his life being Barney, the well loved and world renowned purple dinosaur. We are absolutely astounded with the dedication of Carey and the professionals that surrounded him that made this cast of characters so loved and popular. The world of Barney is an incredible story of performers with a passion and a heart for children. And a huge part of Carey Stinson’s success was his mother Barbara Stinson who is a trained dancer and instructor for 70 years. She originated his choreography for his larger than life moves and patiently instructed him proper dance techniques in their family garage to accomplish Barney’s dances.

Another important lady behind the success of Barney is Sloan Coleman, Senior Vice President of Stage Tours and Live Events. Sloan asked for two things; a million dollars and the best rock and roll tour manager to create the live events. She got Jake Berry, who left The Rolling Stones Tour to tour with Barney! The curtain is lifted on the secrets of the show that have never been revealed before March of this year! Enjoy some exciting behind the scenes information on this podcast of DTA and all the great aspects of Barney on “Purple Tales Podcast“.

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