Free Video Lessons

  1. Do I have to purchase an entire DVD?

  1. In most instances no. You may purchase individual steps. DVDs that don't have traditional steps (technique, variations, etc.) and titles not produced by Dance Vision will need to be purchased in full.

  1. What are the different options for purchasing Dance Vision video merchandise?

  1. We have allowed for several different options to make the experience comfortable for every customer. You may still purchase the physical DVD (as has been done in the past), you may purchase the physical DVD plus the full DVD in digital format (we call this a bundle), you may purchase only the full DVD in a digital format, or you may purchase individual steps and learn as you go.

  1. How do I purchase online media?

  1. Online media is purchased just like any of our regular products. Each step, DVD, or Bundle has its own unique item identifier. Simply place the item in your cart and checkout as you normally would.

  1. Where is my online media stored?

  1. Your online media is stored in your video library and can be accessed from any device (computer, phone, IPad, etc.) by logging into your Dance Vision Internet account.

  1. What will my online media library look like?

  1. When you have logged into your Dance Vision Internet account you may go to your name and click on the link that says "Library". The default is to show the entire DVD with all steps. The steps that you have purchased will say "Watch" and the steps that are still available will say "Add To Cart". You may view only the steps you have already purchased by clicking the box that says "Show only the steps I have purchased". If you know the name of the step you are looking for you may also utilize the "Search" at the top of your Library page.

  1. Is there a limit to the number of times I may view a clip in my Library?

  1. No, there is no limit. Once you have purchased a step or full DVD you may view as many times as you would like.

  1. Can I purchase online media using DV Reward Points?

  1. At this time the answer is no. Online media is not eligible for purchase using DV Reward Points. There is a significant cost associated with media streaming and it would not be cost effective for the customer in the long run.

  1. Will I earn DV Points on my media purchases?

  1. Yes. The purchase of all online media will accrue DV Reward Points at the same rate as if you were purchasing a physical item.

  1. Does Dance Vision's "Buy 5 Get 1 Free" promotion apply to online media?

  1. Yes. All videos produced by Dance Vision are eligible for the "Buy 5 Get 1 Free" promotion.

  1. If I previously purchased a DVD, can I buy the online version at a reduced price?

  1. Yes. We will upgrade previously purchased DVDs to Digital Media for $19 each when upgrading 1-9 titles. 10 or more titles will be upgraded at a cost of $15 each. All 10 titles must be upgraded at one time to get the reduced rate. Unfortunately, this cannot be done through your Dance Vision Internet Account. Please call us at 800-851-2813 and we will facilitate the upgrade.