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On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy, Tatiana Seliverstova of the dance team Tatiana Seliverstova and Max Sinitsa! As we are all social distancing, our phone interview had some challenges with audio and yet Tatiana has so much charisma that her bright star energy shines through on this podcast! Tatiana is known for bringing on the floor different kinds of characters. This is the way that she challenged herself to grow in her dancing. She feels dancing to the top means challenging yourself. She feels like a tiger sometimes but if her costume is more like a princess than she stays true to that character. She lives through the movement with her character. Tatiana recommends finding your signature movement by being confident with your own body. Max and Tatiana’s retirement this February 2020 was a surprise to many people however that decision was made privately at the end of 2019. Two things helped her mind for this big decision and new year. First, there was time with her family. Next a trip to Bali helped her get centered with spiritual time for meditation and yoga. A time to get into a different zone.  Like many of her crazy ideas, at first seemed to be an odd move for Max and Tatiana to retire. Timing can be tricky for professional dancers from which shows and competitions to do and when to retire but with, it turns out, a Global Pandemic the timing for their retirement was perfect! Tatiana comes up with crazy ideas and Max knows how to ask questions to bring them to fruition. Like many dance stars at the top, much of her dance movements and costumes have been questioned along the way. But when her crazy ideas come to life, experts and the audience are spellbound! Tatiana describes herself as an impatient person often looking for inspiration at concerts and other live performances. She searches for her inspiration! A great suggestion Tatiana gives if you feel that your dancing isn’t growing or getting results- ask yourself- what brought you to dancing in the first place? What do you like about dancing the most? Is it taking lessons the most?  Is it practicing that you like the most?  Tatiana loves showing off at the competition and getting on the stage! And we can tell! Tatiana puts on a show and we are all looking forward to her next performance with Max!!  Thanks for a great interview Tatiana!      


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