Associate American Smooth
Sample Study Questions

For study and preperation of the Theory Section of the Professional Exam


Below, you will find 20 random questions related to the Dance Vision Bronze American Smooth Syllabus that may be asked by an examiner during an Associate Smooth exam. Please read each question and think about how you would answer and/or demonstrate. To prepare, the Candidate should study the Dance Vision Videos and/or App and Manual: American Style Syllabus, Dance Vision AM Bronze: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, V. Waltz.

After you have gone over the questions, select  “Check Your Answers” at the bottom and each answer will be revealed underneath the question.


    1B. Box w/UAT
    2. Progressive
    4A. Balance Steps
    5A. Simple Twinkle
    7. Face to Face, Back to Back
    8A. Reverse Turn
    9B. Natural Tun w/UAT
    10. Progressive Twinkles
    12. Grapevine
    13. Promenade Chasse
    1A. Basic (Straight)
    1B. Basic (Curving)
    2A. Promenade Turning Left
    2B. Promenade Turning Right
    3. Single Corté
    4. Progressive Rocks
    5A. Open Fan
    8A. Reverse Turn
    11A. Change of Places†
    12. Twist Turn to the Right
    1. Basic
    2. Promenade
    3A. Rock Turn to Left (Left Rock Turn)
    3B. Rock Turn to Right (Right Rock Turn)
    4. Sway Step
    6B. Zig Zag Outside Partner
    8A. Twinkle
    9. Promenade Twinkles
    11. Grapevine
    13. Promenade Pivot
    1. Balance Steps
    2B. Fifth Position Breaks w/UAT
    3. Left Turn (Reverse Turn)
    5A. Cross Body Lead
    5B. Cross Body Lead w/UAT
    6. Hand to Hand
    7A/B. LF and RF Forward/ Backward Progressive Changes
    8. Right Turn
    9. Change of Place. 4B. Man's Chasse'
    10. Curtsey & Bow

The following techniques and principles will be covered in the questions on the following pages And are designed for Candidates to understand these terms in the context of where they appear in the figures.


  • Music Terminology
    • Time Signature, Tempo and Beat Value
    • Counts-Multiple methods
    • Slows and Quicks (Rhythm Count)
    • Numbers (Timing Count)
    • Beat Value
    • Beats and Bars
    • Teaching counts
  • Dance Positons and Holds
    • Closed Position
    • Outside Partner (on the Right Side)
    • Outside Partner (on the Left Side)
    • Promenade Position
    • Open Counter Promenade Position
    • Open Facing - One or Two Hand Hold
    • 90 Degree Angle
    • Left Side Position (Left side by side)
    • Right Side Position (Right side by side)
    • Inverted Prom. & C. Prom.
    • Back to Back
    • Right Shadow Position (Tango Rocks only)
  • Holds
    • Traditional Ballroom Hold
    • Alternative/Traditional Hold
    • Frame Hold
    • Double Hand Hold
    • Single Hand Hold
    • *Handshake (Waltz) Waterfall only
    • *Combination of Frame Hold and Hand Holds
  • Foot Positions
    • Forward, Back, Side etc.
    • Across in CBMP
    • CBMP
    • Pivoting Action
    • Pivot(s)
    • Brush Tap
    • Replace
    • Swivel (Fan)
    • Leg extended with the toe pointed (forward, back, side)
    • Twist Turn
    • Toe Turned Out (TTO)
    • Position Held
    • Close slightly forward or back (3rd foot positon)
  • Alignments
    • Facing , Backing or Pointing:
      • LOD Line of Dance
      • Diagonal Center
      • Center
      • Diagonal Center Against LOD
      • Against LOD
      • Diagonal Wall Against LOD
      • Wall
      • Diagonal Wall
  • Amount of Turn and Terms
    • Body Turns Less (BTL)
    • Outside and Inside of Turn
    • Underarm Turn
    • Up to
    • On
    • Commence
    • Pivots (under Foot Position in the manual)
  • Rise and Fall
    • Gradual Rise (main Rise and Fall for Waltz)
      words used - commence, continue
    • Quick Rise (Main Rise and Fall for Foxtrot)
      words used - Riese e/o , Up
    • NFR (No Foot Rise)
    • Body Rise
  • Footwork
    • Heel, Toe, Ball etc.
    • Flat
    • Pressure
  • Body Actions
    • Contra Body Movement (CBM)
    • Sway
    • Side Lead
    • Free/Styling Arm

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