Doctors in the U.K. Will Soon Be Able to Prescribe Dance Classes

 Wingenroth, L. (2018 Nov. 30).  Doctors in the U.K. Will Soon Be Able to Prescribe Dance Classes.  Originally posted in

It’s become a colloquialism—or, we admit, a cliche—to say that dance can heal.

But with a new initiative launched by British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, doctors in the U.K. will soon be able to prescribe dance classes—along with art, music, sports, gardening and more—for patients suffering from conditions as various as dementia, lung problems and mental health issues.

Termed “social prescribing,” these interventions aim to complement more traditional treatment methods and offer an alternative to over prescribing medications. “We’ve been fostering a culture that’s popping pills and Prozac, when what we should be doing is more prevention and perspiration,” said Hancock in a speech earlier this week, as reported by Smithsonian.

And though they may not be doctor-prescribed, programs in the U.S. show just how significant an impact movement can have as a form of treatment. For instance, when Mark Morris Dance Group’s successful Dance for Parkinson’s Disease program was profiled in the Journal of Neural Transmission in 2016, researchers found that patients who took 16 classes over eight weeks showed a 10.4 percent improvement in overall movement, a 26.7 percent improvement in walking and a 18.5 percent improvement in tremors. In 2010, researchers from the University of Missouri found that The Lebed Method, a low-impact dance class for seniors, improved balance and gait, thereby reducing the risk of injury due to falling. Plus, additional studies have shown that dance can reduce anxiety, improve cognitive functions and more.

In other words, the Brits are probably on to something. Pilot programs across the U.K. are already underway, and the initiative is intended to take full effect by 2023.


The Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas: 7 Spots Wayne Eng Loves

Las Vegas has an abundance of options when it comes to dining.  It can be a bit overwhelming deciding where to go, so Wayne Eng  put together a list of his favorite restaurants in his hometown.


MGM Grand – 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Mon – Thu, Sun 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Fri – Sat 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM


Sashimi at Morimoto Las Vegas, which opened in October. (MGM Resorts International)


Tea Time at the Petrossian Bar
Bellagio Hotel and Casino
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109Afternoon Tea Service from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

Yellow Tail
Bellagio Hotel and Casino
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109Mon – Thu 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Fri – Sun  5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Le Cirque
Bellagio Hotel and Casino
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109Tue – Sun 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Mr Chow

Caesars Palace
3570 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tuesday – Thursday 5PM – 10PM
Friday & Saturday 5PM – 10:30PM

China Poblano

Level 2, Boulevard Tower
Sun – Thurs: 11:30 AM – 11 PM
Fri – Sat: 11:30 AM – 11:30 PM


5040 W. Spring Mountain Rd. #4
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
Monday – Saturday  6:00 PM and 8:30 PM

The Eng family enjoying a meal at Kabuto. (Donna Eng)

Nazar and Irina’s Last Dance

At the 41st Ohio Star Ball, Nazar Norov and Irina Kudryashova announced their retirement from competitive dancing.  They are 3 time United States and 3 time World reigning and undefeated Open American Rhythm Champions.

Below is the retirement letter that was read at the Battelle Brand Ballroom during the Ohio Star Ball.

Dear friends,

It is never easy to say goodbye to something, that was a part of our lives for so many years, and what we love so much.
Our journey together, started 17 years ago in a little town in Siberia, Russia and little did we know, what a journey that would be.
After over 26 years of competing, tonight, we are saying goodbye to the amazing world of professional dancing. But before we do, we would like to thank so many people, that helped us in so many ways to achieve, what we ourselves have never dreamed of.
Our gratitude goes to our parents and families, who gave everything and sacrificed so much, so we could dance
Our first teachers during first 15 years of our dancing and our mentors for life – Vladimir Murashov and Lyudmila Murashov for not only giving us the love of dance, but teaching us the loyalty, importance of being part of the Team and work ethics.
James Clemens and Tammy Clemens for giving us an opportunity to work in the United States
Lori Foehr for welcoming us to the Dancelife family and giving us a chance to become studio owners
All Our students, present and past for adjusting their schedules to accommodate our crazy ones
Our fans and fellow competitors for always pushing us to be better than yesterday
Brent Thomas Mills and Ballroom Playlist for always amazing and inspiring music
Alex Rowan and Dancesport Photography and Mary Tweeddale for memories, that will be forever with us
Peter and Cassandra Valeria Schneider and Dance America for the best shoes and practice wear we could ask for
Boyko for Irina’s impeccable look
Benito Garcia of Coreganize 360 for keeping our bodies and minds ready for the challenge
Tatiana Ouellette of Anabell’s Dancewear and Bella Kogan of Dress for Dance for Nazar’s costumes
And Dawn Smart of Dore Designs, who welcomed us to the Team ten years ago and was by our side all these years
The coaches, who helped to shape us into the dancers and teachers we are today:
Sam Sodano, Loraine Barry, Tonja Garamella, Judi Hatton, Paul Holmes, Paul Killick, Ieva Pauksena, Вячеслав Трубачев, Igor Ugay and Tatiana Ugay
And of course, our Dream Team – the core group, that every dancer should find – the Team that will guide you, inspire you, bring you down to earth, when you feel too high and lift you up after painful defeats. Each one of you hold a special place in our hearts and we can not thank you more for being in our lives.
Michael Chapman for creating our show program
“Yoda” Eugene Katsevman for sharing your sense of musicality and understanding of the movement
“Babaganoush” Ilya Ifraimov for creating unforgettable characters for our winning Ohio showdances
“Gumada” Marianne Nicole-DePalma for making sure our clock is working and the eye is closed😊
“Dance Mom” Shirley Ballas for letting us be ourselves and going along with our crazy ideas, while never compromising the quality of movement
And “Daddy” Rufus Dustin for believing in us from very beginning and being there for us for the last 10 years through thick and thin.
The switch to American Rhythm 6 years ago was the best decision we have ever made and we thank everyone, who supported us in this journey.
We sincerely hope that those who will come after us will cherish and respect American Rhythm the way we do.
Ladies and gentlemen. Every journey has its beginning and the end. Our journey as professional competitors ends tonight, on this floor, under these lights. We could not think of a better way to go. Thank you

Your 3 -time United States and 3 time World reigning and undefeated Open American Rhythm Champions

Nazar Norov and Irina Kudryashova

Achieving Optimal Posture Without Damaging Your Body

Why does it hurt when I dance?

Do you love dancing, but hate the fact that you have to see the chiropractor after every competition? Are you unable to get your head in the position your teacher wants it or if you do manage to, you just can’t maintain it? Do you ever wonder why this is happening to you, why is this so hard, and what can you do to fix it? 

Optimal posture

As we all know, posture is extremely important in dancing, not only for aesthetics, but also for our health. If we do not have optimal posture, our body compensates in various ways which often manifests itself as pain.  Optimal posture is the state that our bodies are in when all of our bones are lined up properly, allowing us to have perfect balance and also giving us the ability to release all tension and stress from our muscles and joints. Optimal posture gives us the ability to move freely and naturally.

Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology

Maria Hansen, like many dancers, has suffered injuries.  By the time she retired, she couldn’t get out of bed without assistance.  Her neck couldn’t support her head.  In healing her own body, she found correcting some muscle imbalances with a personal trainer extremely helpful.  He was a graduate of the CHEK Institute in California. CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) practitioners focus first and foremost, on postural correction and then implement a functional training program geared toward the sport that you do. She decided to study at the institute and learn more about the function of the body from a different perspective.

On this episode of Dance Teacher Academy, Maria discusses how you can create the correct dance posture and look without being in pain.

Maria Hansen is a 7 Time United States Ballroom Finalist and has been a representative for the United States in the World Ballroom Championships. She was also the United States Vice Ballroom Champion and a Former North American Showdance Champion. Maria is the co-organizer of Vegas Open Dance Challenge. In addition to coaching, Maria is a Check Practitioner.

How To Pursue Your Dance Dreams

José and Aimée of Dance Teachers Academy sat down with Carolina Orlovsky and discussed how she pursued her dream of becoming a dancer.

At age 5, Carolina asked for dance lessons after watching the movie “My Fair Lady.” Her parents saw her love for movement, so they enrolled her in dance class… and she was awful.

Nobody starts off good, nobody does. I started off awful.

Most of the girls had already taken dance classes and were older than me,  so I felt very out of place. I had this abundance of… I call it boy energy. Really active jumping and running.  Kind of a daredevil.  I wanted to push my limits. I didn’t separate like girls or princesses and behave this way.  I didn’t have that association with dance.  It’s athletic, you get to move and jump and fly and roll and spin and become something outside of a normal human  and I wanted to be that.

A trip to Cuba in her senior year as a dance cultural exchange changed her life. Transformed by the people of Cuba who were rich in dancing, she auditioned and was accepted to the Alvin Ailey independent study program.  Instead of working towards a college education she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of become a professional dancer.

Watch the full interview below


Carolina’s Achievements


  • 3-Times World Professional Rhythm Vice-Champion
  • 3 Times U.S. Professional Rhythm Vice-Champion
  • 9-Times U.S. Professional Rhythm Finalist
  • World Mambo Champion
  • 2-Times U.S. Mambo Champion
  • World Professional American Rhythm Showdance Champion

Carolina’s Social Media

Judging at the Emerald Ball

Ron Montez – Professional Latin Champion

On Episode 34 of the Legends series, José and Aimée of Dance Teachers Academy sat down with one of the most respected personalities in the dance business, Mr. Ron Montez.  Ron shares a heartwarming nod to his first dance teacher, Nancy Elliot.  He also expresses great appreciation for his dance partner Liz Curtis.  He speaks of the skill it takes to develop analytical powers to help dancers achieve a good look. Ron shares how teaching dancing is an unique profession that combines relating physical skills components and elements to create magic on the dance floor.  It’s a great show, so don’t miss out!

Ron’s Early Days

They began the episode talking about how Ron Montez  started off DJing parties for his sister.  She was an instructor for Arthur Murray.  Ron was a little undecided what to do with his life after high school, so he took his sister’s suggestion and enrolled in a 6 week teacher training course.  There was a lack of male instructors at his studio, so he quickly had to learn how to do a lot of things.  He immersed himself in teaching & choreography and learned what he could from the dance directors.

Ron was introduced to competitive dance when a professional couple visited his studio.  He was blown away by what he had seen.  He spoke with them and this is what they had to say

“Find a partner, you have to seek out training, and then compete, in that order”.

Websites & Social Links

If you are interested in DVIDA Certification, Ron is a Master Examiner.  He can test in all styles and levels of dance.


Follow Ron Montez on Facebook.

Vegas Lights -Website coming soon




Bob & Julia – Legends of the Dance World

Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova  are 12 Time United States Rhythm Champions and 3 Time World Mambo Champions and hold the record for the most United States Championships ever won by an American couple.  This husband and wife duo are also co-owners & developers of Core Rhythms, a top-selling aerobic dance fitness program sold throughout the world.

How one of the most the accomplished partnerships in the history of dance came to be.

Julia and Bob met in St. Petersburg, Russia, Julia’s hometown, over twenty-five years ago.  He was there with Forrest, (Forrest Vance) and other dancers to do a TV show.  They were taken on a tour of Russia but they said that they wanted to actually meet some Russians.  Julia’s mom hosted a social dance and that is where they met.  After dancing together they decided to practice together.  Two months later I came to the US to begin my partnership with Bob.

Bob had been ranked as high as fourth in the US with two other partners but, never won a major championship until teaming up with Julia. Within one and half years Bob and Julia had started winning competitions and ended the year with the title of US Champions.

Over the years the two have traveled throughout the US and abroad teaching, lecturing, competing and performing shows. They have toured and performed in China, Germany, Japan, Holland, France, England, Mexico, and Canada. To maintain their high level of fitness they ran, lifted weights, did Core Rhythms, and worked with a personal strength and stretching coach. Their dance training has come mainly from Julia’s mother and Rick Valenzuela, the co-star of the hit movie “Dance with Me” starring Vanessa Williams. As well, they were trained by Paul Killick and Taliot and Marina Tarsonov.

Dance Teachers Academy

In September Bob & Julia sat down with José and Aimée of Dance Teachers Academy.  During the podcast they discussed how to stay the course on the tough road to becoming successful champion dancers.

Great wisdom like:

– Have your own opinion and remembering what you are about.

– Have confidence in what you are doing.

– Develop your own style and identity.

– Enjoy day to day operations and know that not every day is going to be a good day!

– Keep the love to dance!


Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Julia designs custom handmade ballroom dance costumes with her company Artistry in Motion.  Bob is a traveling coach and the owner of the Mesa franchise of Arthur Murray® Dance Centers.

Shirley Ballas returns to Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Who is Shirley Ballas?

Shirley Ballas is a British ballroom dancer who specializes in Latin dance and has won numerous championships earning her the nickname, The Queen of Latin.

She started dancing at the age of 7. While attending her weekly Girl Guide class she noticed a ballroom dance class next door. She was fascinated with the class and started lessons the following Saturday. This was the beginning of her lifelong love affair with Ballroom and Latin Dance.

By the age 23 she had won all major titles worldwide.  Some of the most memorable titles for her include: 3 times British Open Champion, European Champion and 10 times Open United States Latin American Champion.

Shirley Ballas & her history with Dance Vision

Shirley was a Latin coach for Wayne & Donna Eng c. 1984- c.1992.  She was instrumental in helping them become 3-time United States Latin Finalists, United States Rising Star Vice-Champions, 3 time Blackpool Rising Star Finalists, and Eastern United States Champions.   Wayne credits her with giving him the confidence to believe in himself.

When Wayne and Donna established Dance Vision, they didn’t hesitate to ask Shirley to film.   Some of her instructional video titles include:  Turns & Spin In Style,  Latin Technique & Muscular Technique, and her latest International Latin Technique collection.

Strictly Come Dancing

In 1996, she retired from competitive dancing at Blackpool. In 2017 Shirley Ballas returned to Blackpool. to join the judging panel of Strictly Come Dancing, replacing Len Goodman as head judge.

Her judging style is a no nonsense approach.  She’s a real stickler when it comes to technique but she is fair.   She is returning as a judge for series 16 of the ballroom competition on BBC One this Fall.  Fellow judges Bruno Tonioli, Craig Revel Horwood, and Darcey Bussell, will also be back this year.