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New Dance Vision App Update

We have another surprise for you—our biggest App update yet. Our team has taken your suggestions and feedback to create a more seamless experience, starting with the following improvements. To see this refresh, you’ll need to update or download the Dance Vision App on the App Store or Google Play.  We have another surprise for

How to Avoid Interruptions while Streaming

To all our valued customers, With the ongoing situation regarding the Coronavirus, many of you are aware of the important part the internet is playing in our daily lives. Never before has the internet become so ingrained in our daily work, study and play. With more people accessing the internet at all times of the

Tatiana Seliverstova – Dance Teacher’s Academy

On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy, Tatiana Seliverstova of the dance team Tatiana Seliverstova and Max Sinitsa! As we are all social distancing, our phone interview had some challenges with audio and yet Tatiana has so much charisma that her bright star energy shines through on this podcast! Tatiana is known for bringing on

App Tip: Download Our Videos

Worried about your data? With our Dance Vision App, you can download videos in app and watch them later offline on your phone or tablet. To download a step: Navigate to the lesson you want to learn, click the step name and select “Download” to add to your device. (the amount of videos you may

Breezing through the Pandemic – The Dancer’s Guide

The Coronavirus has tightened its unforgiving grip on all of us. I have been trying to figure out the best way to navigate through this crisis we all are finding ourselves in. It is an especially difficult time for us, dancers, and teachers. Suddenly, what we dream and breathe has been taken away from us.

How Wayne Eng Embraces the World from A Safe Social Distance!

On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy,  Jose & Aimee sit down to talk with Wayne Eng via a telephone interview.  He shares with us what uplifts him and keeps him positive during these difficult times. Listen to his vision to help and give back to the people when the world gets back to normal!

Announcing the Exhibition Video Competition presented by the Dance Vision Circuit

Lights…camera…action! Shine your shoes, fluff up those costumes, and get ready for the first ever Exhibition Video Contest presented by the Dance Vision Circuit. Get creative, have some fun, and dream up the most fabulous performance you can think of! Participants will be judged on Presentation, Timing, Musicality & Technique. Open to Pro/Am & Am/Am

Surprise Retirement: Max Sinista & Tatiana Seliverstova

This past weekend at the New York Dance Festival, 3x world Smooth finalist, USA Smooth vice champion & 2x Blackpool American Smooth bronze medalist Tatiana Seliverstova and Max Sinitsa bid farewell to competition. Thank you for your contribution to the dance community. We wish you the best on on the next step of your dance


American Smooth can be best described as a form of ballroom dancing with an enhanced repertoire of easy to perform, yet exciting steps. It incorporates steps from three ballroom disciplines – the Waltz, Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot.  You can learn more about American Smooth in this informative article by atanasmalamov Dancing the American Smooth is

Dance Vision Syllabus Helps Non Profit: Miracle Dance Foundation

Your Dance Vision syllabus has been very helpful to this program. Dance Vision is thrilled to hear that our Dance Vision syllabus has helped shape the dance of youth in Brownsville, Texas. The Non Profit Miracle Dance Foundation, was created by Karen Deffner to simply bring positivity to tyoung students and helping to improve their

Life on the Wood Floor with Dance Vision Instructor and Author Jenell Maranto

Dance Vision Instructor, Jenell Maranto is also the author of the book entitled Life on the Wood Floor: Stories of Learning and Teaching Ballroom. Maranto shares her journey from learning ballroom dancing to being a National Professional Champion. Jenell Maranto chronicles her experience of learning to ballroom dance. From beginner to National Professional Champion. She

Balance & Positivity with Dance Vision CEO Wayne Eng

New episode of ‘Ikaika Dowsett The Frame Work Podcast with CEO of Dancevision, Wayne Eng. “We all need to have balance in our life, balance means different to each person. Everyone needs to have some outlet…What is your outlet? What do you do on your downtime? Create Balance and Time for yourself everyday” Wayne Eng

Dance Ranked Most Physically Demanding Job in the U.S.

Dancers certainly don’t need anyone to tell them how physical their profession is. But now, we have the data to prove it. Dance Ranked Most Physically Demanding Job in the U.S. according to researchers at who analyzed data from the level of strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination required. Athletes and sports competitors were #3 and

Physical Activity Linked to Reduced Risk of 7 Cancers

The seven cancers are breast, colon, endometrial, kidney, liver, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Based on data from 755,450 adults who were tracked for 10 years, the researchers concluded that the odds of developing these cancers decline as physical activity increases. A recent Washington Post article reads… Moderate-intensity activity involves moving fast enough or strenuously

HISTORY IN THE MAKING – BYU will allow same-sex dancing at annual competition

The United States National Amateur DanceSport Championships will be historic for conservative Brigham Young University, which is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To host the coveted showcase, which it has every year since at least 1997, BYU was required to lift its ban keeping same-sex couples from competing this spring.

Is Dancing the Kale of Exercise?

What if you were giving the tool that could extend your life? Among the elderly, falls are the top cause of injury and death. So what if we told you that dancing can be that tool for us all? It’s worth noting that the mental and physical benefits of dancing aren’t just for the young

A Journey To Higher Self-Esteem Through Ballroom Dancing

Self-Esteem and Confidence is a struggle for many of people of all ages. While ballroom dancing can be quite challenging, it’s amazing to hear the stories of how it has helped so many people in different ways. Here’s an article from Nancy of Glittered Journeys, where she shares her journey to higher self-esteem through ballroom

School Children Should Dance More in Schools

In an article by ukedchat they shared the latest research findings and Finland’s core curriculum encourage children to get off their desks and learn through physical activity and movement, but the process of adopting the new methods in practice is still in the early stages at schools. It has become a global problem that not


On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy, Aimée Méndez & Jose Tolentino sit down with Nazar Norov during the 30th Anniversary of Emerald Ball. Nazar Norov reveals the pressures of competitive dancing in a transparent and honest way and stresses that even though communication is challenging, it is key. Watch the full interview below on

Conversations With Wayne Eng Podcast: JUDGING A PRO-AM COMPETITION

Our 8th Podcast episode of Conversations With Wayne Eng. Wayne interviews Babette Brown as they share what they look for when judging a Pro-Am competition, pet peeves and the idea of showing your development & consistency as you compete on the floor. Stay tuned for episode 9!