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What DVD is Right For Me?

Syllabus DVDs teach steps and figures that are considered by professional dancers and teachers to be the basics of each dance. Most syllabus DVDs assume that you do not know how to dance any of the steps that are being demonstrated and will take the time to explain what makes this dance special. Syllabus DVDs are the foundation upon which you will build more skills using technique and variation DVDs. The DVIDA Syllabus DVDs complement the DVIDA manuals, and teachers use these DVDs in conjunction with the manuals when taking their professional examinations.

Technique DVDs teach skills that help you look and dance your best. When purchasing technique DVDs it is assumed that you already know all of the syllabus steps or basic patterns. These DVDs concentrate on perfecting footwork, teaching the best ways to lead and follow, working on body shaping, hip actions, arm styling, and other essential elements. These technique DVDs bring forth years of expertise, and have been designed to benefit every level of dancer. Some of our technique DVDs will concentrate on a specific dance while some of our other DVDs, such as Ron Montez's Latin Technique DVD, will concentrate on an entire style of dance. There are also DVD that will concentrate on specific dance components such as Turns & Spins in Style with Shirley Ballas.

Variation DVDs assume that you have mastered all of the syllabus steps or basic patterns in a particular dance at a particular level. Variation DVDs will take those steps that you “own” and allow you to not only mix and match them seamlessly, but also to develop new routines that will make your dance performance exceptional. They detail leads, body shaping, arm styling and other invaluable information.

Exhibitions Choreography DVDs are aimed at teaching the competitive dancer how to make his or her routines flawless and unique. Studios and dance clubs will also find this type of DVD useful when putting together dance demonstrations designed to attract students and new members. Choreography is the key to seamless style and flawless footwork but beginners might find this type of tape more confusing than helpful. Intermediate and advanced dancers will gain valuable routines that will catch the eye and thrill the heart.

Specialty DVDs teach dances that are a "kick" to dance at your local ballroom, but aren't considered “competition” dances. The specialty category also includes DVDs that demonstrate general concepts, such as “Smooth Entrances” or “.

Exhibition DVDs will entertain and amaze you but are not considered instructional tapes. If you like to watch the magic of DanceSport, if you thrill to the spin and style of competition, or if you'd simply rather watch than dance, these are the DVDs for you.

Club Style DVDs teach the hottest moves seen in the best nightclubs around the country. The styles that they teach may not necessarily be the same as those that you'd find in a competition. Instead, they're teaching steps that you can do well on a small and crowded dance floor.