Dance Tips

Better Than Sex

Once you feel what it?s like to dance with someone who knows how to dance, you may even come to realize, as I have, that dancing is better than sex. I mean that! It?s a flirtation that can go on forever and ever without being consummated; you can do it with strangers and not feel guilty or ashamed; you can do it outside your marriage and not get into any trouble; you can do it in public with people watching and applauding. When you?re doing it right, you can?t think of anything else, such as what you forgot at work or that the ceiling needs painting. Which is why women love to dance.

Men who have learned to dance will never end up sad and alone, with nobody to play with. Women will always be looking for that rare man who can dance because what happens between a man and a woman on the dance floor is so romantic and pure, so steeped in tender tradition that few women can resist it. There are other wonderful things about dancing. It?s a return to a more innocent time, to the days of courtship when young couples danced the fox trot, the waltz, the tango, and fell in love with the way they felt in each other?s arms while moving to the music. After they fell in love, they got married ? and then they stayed married.

You probably already know that the main activity at most social gatherings is dancing. Although most tangible purchases depreciate rapidly, dance training appreciates for a lifetime. Many are still dancing in their 80?s. Dance lessons are an investment in your self ? like getting a college degree, learning to dance is a diploma that opens social doors. Romance, self-expression, social ease, elegance, sensuality, joy, self-confidence and well being are only a few of the benefits of partner dancing. Some people begin at 80, others at 8. The sooner we start, the longer we can luxuriate in the joys of dancing.