Corrections To DVIDA Manuals

DVIDA Manuals Corrections Page

Minor corrections to individual manual pages may be posted here for you to print and add to your current DVIDA manual.
Not all corrections have been found and posted.
If you believe there is an error in the manual you are studying from please contact us at

If a manual that you have purchased through Dance Vision has major updates and/or revisions, you will be eligible to purchase the revised version at a discounted rate of $25 - $49 (plus shipping) per manual.

Call 800-851-2813 for details.

Click on the figures below to view and print the corrected pages. (Corrections will appear in RED and additions or deletions will be highlighted in yellow)

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MASB01 - American Style Smooth Bronze
Foot Positions

MH16 - Bronze Hustle Manual
Figure 11 - Leader
Figure 14B - Follower

Bronze Salsa Manual
Various Corrections

Silver Smooth Manual
Various Corrections

MAT13 - Argentine Tango
Figure 15 for the Lady - Step 7 should read: Transfer weight to L.F., R.F. touches man?s R.F. without weight

New! MAT19 - Gold Argentine Tango Manual
P. 8, P.10 & P.16

New! MAT20 - Platinum Argentine Tango Manual
Cross System Basic Page

Platinum I - Title page - Fig. 49 "Cunita" is misspelled

P. 36 - Cunita is misspelled in title.
Classic selection is incorrect - should read: Rondando Tu Esquina by Osvaldo Pugliese starting at 3rd phrase (16 seconds).

P. 37 - Cunita is misspelled in title.

P. 38 - Step 13 should be 3/8 turn L