Ask the Experts

  1. How does one improve body flight speed?
    Answered by Jim Maranto
  2. How can I avoid becoming bored and keep my dancing exciting for me?
    Answered by Sam Sodano.
  3. Naturally Great vs Slow And Steady
    Answered by Yvonne Marceau, Jennifer Booth, Bill Davies, Pierre Dulaine, Elizabeth Knoll, and Ray Rivers.
  4. Creating Topline by Marcus and Karen Hilton MBE in Four Easy Steps
    By Marcus & Karen Hilton
  5. Briefly explain Samba Bounce Action
    Answered by Didio Barrera and Linda Dean
  6. Can you define Light and Shade and do you consider it important for competition?
    Answered by Linda Joy Douglas, Judi Hatton and Corky Ballas.
  7. Do you think that DanceSport should fight to get reinstated into the Olympic roster?
    Answerd by Corky Ballas
  8. How A Dance Competition is Judged
    by Dan Radler L.I.S.T.D. Ballroom and Latin © Dan Radler, 1998
  9. How can dancers get some emotion in their dances?
    Answered by David Hamilton
  10. Salsa styles differ greatly from state to state. Do you feel that a definitive style will emerge?
    Answered by Didio Barrera