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How does one improve body flight speed?

The answer to this is complex. First of all, are we referring to control of the speed or just going faster and further? Body speed is generally dictated by the music played and the figures you choose to dance. The slower the music and the fewer the steps within the bar, the slower you must go. The opposite is true of course. We also must consider time and distance. The further you travel in a given time, the greater the body speed. Again, the opposite is true. So the formula for speed is simple, more distance per step and more steps per given unit of time. But remember, given any tempo of music, you can always manipulate your time of movement within it, decreasing it so you look faster when you move by standing on your leg longer. You can also appear both faster and slower by contrasting your speeds and choreography choices. But when all is said and done your answer is in the control and release of your body weight. Controlling your body weight to your standing leg, allowing you to move where and when you want. This is the key to not only body speed but great dancing!

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