Buyer's Guide

Which Camp Is Right For Me?

Dance Camp Las Vegas
This camp is open to students, amateurs and professionals (limited to 430 participants).

This comprehensive week of dance instruction will hone your dance skills, regardless of your level. We offer 4 separate ballrooms, each dedicated to a different level of dancing. Whether you're just beginning to find your footing or looking for a touch of finishing polish on your routine, you're sure to find classes that will challenge and excite you. This camp sells out every year!

Professional Teacher Camp Las Vegas
This camp is open to professionals only (limited to 70 participants).

At the Professional Teacher Camp instructors will focus on the techniques you need to improve your own dancing, thus improving your teaching methods.
Our goal is to rejuvenate the enthusiasm of the professional teacher and get you back to work inspired, centered, more creative and productive.

Dance Vision Mastery Camp at the Emerald Ball (limited to 65 participants). This camp is open to students, amateurs and professionals. This camp is not for Beginners. You must be proficient in at least the Bronze level.

Both Singles and Couples Are Welcome!!!