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What is CBM and CBMP?

Diane Jarmolow

Ballroom Dance Teachers College

Ballroom Dance Teachers College

1. CBM (Contrary Body Movement):
Used to commence turns in the Ballroom dances. Occurs only on forward and backward steps and is the action of turning the right side of the body toward the left moving leg or the left side of the body toward the right moving leg.

2. CBMP (Contrary Body Movement Position):
A foot position taken forward or backward where the foot is placed on the same track or across the track of the other foot. This position is always used when stepping outside partner in order to maintain a good body position .It is also used on LF forward walks and RF back Walks in Tango. This concept is frequently confused with Contra Body Movement because of the similarity of the names, but it is important to remember that CBMP is not a turn of the body, but rather a placement of the foot.