Breezing through the Pandemic – The Dancer’s Guide

The Coronavirus has tightened its unforgiving grip on all of us. I have been trying to figure out the best way to navigate through this crisis we all are finding ourselves in. It is an especially difficult time for us, dancers, and teachers. Suddenly, what we dream and breathe has been taken away from us. Our freedom and the ability to share the love for dance are replaced with a home lockdown.

This, too, shall pass, they say, and I AM SURE OF IT! Let’s face it- we are all responsible for saving lives and helping flatten the curve. Now let’s stop feeling sorry for the situation and do our very best with what we have. Lemons? Let’s stir up a lemonade !!!

I am breezing through this difficult time and wanted to share some of the things that help me stay on track and KEEP GOING FORWARD, even if currently sitting on a chair.

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Malamov, Atanas.  “Breezing through the Pandemic – The Dancer’s Guide“.   The Ballroom Dance Blog, April 3,  2020