Bob & Julia – Legends of the Dance World

Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova  are 12 Time United States Rhythm Champions and 3 Time World Mambo Champions and hold the record for the most United States Championships ever won by an American couple.  This husband and wife duo are also co-owners & developers of Core Rhythms, a top-selling aerobic dance fitness program sold throughout the world.

How one of the most the accomplished partnerships in the history of dance came to be.

Julia and Bob met in St. Petersburg, Russia, Julia’s hometown, over twenty-five years ago.  He was there with Forrest, (Forrest Vance) and other dancers to do a TV show.  They were taken on a tour of Russia but they said that they wanted to actually meet some Russians.  Julia’s mom hosted a social dance and that is where they met.  After dancing together they decided to practice together.  Two months later I came to the US to begin my partnership with Bob.

Bob had been ranked as high as fourth in the US with two other partners but, never won a major championship until teaming up with Julia. Within one and half years Bob and Julia had started winning competitions and ended the year with the title of US Champions.

Over the years the two have traveled throughout the US and abroad teaching, lecturing, competing and performing shows. They have toured and performed in China, Germany, Japan, Holland, France, England, Mexico, and Canada. To maintain their high level of fitness they ran, lifted weights, did Core Rhythms, and worked with a personal strength and stretching coach. Their dance training has come mainly from Julia’s mother and Rick Valenzuela, the co-star of the hit movie “Dance with Me” starring Vanessa Williams. As well, they were trained by Paul Killick and Taliot and Marina Tarsonov.

Dance Teachers Academy

In September Bob & Julia sat down with José and Aimée of Dance Teachers Academy.  During the podcast they discussed how to stay the course on the tough road to becoming successful champion dancers.

Great wisdom like:

– Have your own opinion and remembering what you are about.

– Have confidence in what you are doing.

– Develop your own style and identity.

– Enjoy day to day operations and know that not every day is going to be a good day!

– Keep the love to dance!


Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Julia designs custom handmade ballroom dance costumes with her company Artistry in Motion.  Bob is a traveling coach and the owner of the Mesa franchise of Arthur Murray® Dance Centers.