How A Song Can Inspire A Dance Masterpiece

While competing at the 30th Anniversary of the Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships, Felipe Telona, Jr sat down with Jose & Aimee of Dance Teachers Academy. Felipe speaks honestly about the challenges of partnership dancing and how to avoid “The Captain Kirk Effect” on the dance floor. They also discuss filming instructional videos for Dance Vision where he and Carolina discuss creating energy.

When asked what’s his favorite dance, he doesn’t have a response because music is what inspires him. While watching the musical act on an episode of Saturday Night Live, Felipe heard a powerful song called “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt. It was this song that inspired him to create an artistic and moving dance number with Carolina Orlovsky. It begins with him getting shot to death and his spirit returning. floor 

“When you have that song that you play and all the sudden you just feel it, you become one with…Boom! That’s it. Magic time. “

Updates to the American Smooth Elements for Closed Syllabus events at NDCA recognized Events.

Benefits of Investing in Proper Dance Flooring

Investing in a dance/theatrical flooring system is an important part of a dance studio for the safety of dancers. The flooring system allows for the instructor and students to perform and practice safely. The subfloor and floor surface are crucial parts of the displacement of energy.

A study was designed and conducted in 1988 by Ducker Research Co., Inc., of Birmingham, Michigan, amidst growing confusion and concern about sports injuries and their relationships to different types of indoor sports surfaces. This study was conducted to analyze the incidence of floor-related injuries on maple sports flooring and synthetic sports flooring. 

Conclusions from the Incidence of Injury Study were:

— A total of 967 sports floor-related injuries were
reported, of which 37% were attributed to maple flooring
and the remaining 63% to synthetic flooring. Based
upon these findings, there is a 70% higher incidence of
floor-related injuries on synthetic sports flooring.
— The average number of floor-related
injuries per case study on maple flooring is
7 per year, while on synthetic flooring the
average number is 12 injuries per year.
— Based upon 50 case studies, more floor-related
injuries occur during basketball than during any
other type of activity. This includes both competition
and practice.
— The attitudes reflected in the comments of some
respondents support the finding that more floor-related
injuries occur on synthetic than on maple floors:

“The higher injury count on synthetic flooring
is due to the lack of absorption. When players
are suffering from aching feet and knees, they
practice on wood for a few days. This helps to
alleviate the problem.”
— Athletic Trainer

By investing in proper dance flooring, you will be able to protect dancers from injury, fatigue, soreness and their overall health and well being. If you are in the market for new dance flooring, Dance Vision’s DanceFlex Hardwood Floors offers the most practical and economical flooring available. Your body will feel the difference!

Removable: DanceFlex is 100% floating and removable! If you move, you can lift the floor and take your investment with you! The one of a kind, clip and groove system, means there are no nails. The clips are totally invisible when fitted to the back of the boards. This floor can be installed directly over practically any level sub-floor.

Maintenance: DanceFlex is pre-finished, easy to clean, keep clean and requires very little maintenance. A dry dust mop daily and damp mopping every two weeks are all that is required to maintain the beauty and performance of the DanceFlex floor. The factory-applied polyurethane finish seals to the hardwood for superior durability and provides a hygienically safe traction coating which will not support the growth of bacteria or mildew.

Installation: The DanceFlex clip system is the easiest system to assemble. While many owners install the floor themselves, some do hire a contractor to do the installation. Our floor comes completely pre-finished, a typical installation takes less than two days with no fumes or odors to disrupt the operation of your facility. The floor is available for use immediately after the installation. 

John DePalma “The Voice of Ballroom” Interview with Dance Teachers Academy

On this latest episode of Dance Teachers Academy, José and Aimée interview the unmistakable voice of the Master of Ceremonies John DePalma. The sound of his engaging voice has been an important part of the dancesport experience. There is no denying why he is known as the “Voice of Ballroom Dancing.”

During the interview, they also explore all the “backstage” challenges of a dance competition and discuss his upcoming dance competition Capital Dancesport Championships August 21-24th, 2019 at Hilton at Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Incomparable Corky Ballas

7 Time Undefeated United States International Latin Champion Corky Ballas recently sat down with José and Aimée of Dance Teachers Academy.  They discussed the struggles he experienced during his dance career, his partnership with Shirley Ballas and what it was like having Mark Ballas, Julianna Hough and Derek Hough all in the same house.  


  • 2 Time Open To The World British International Latin Champion
  • 7 Time Undefeated United States International Latin Champion
  • Star, International, European & United Kingdom Champion
  • 3 Time British National Champion
  • Producer of Compact Disc “Passion” and “Passion Too”
  • Creator and Narrator of Dance Vision’s International Style Latin Figures Series with Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff  

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Corky & Shirley
Corky & Shirley Ballas


After husband’s sudden death, 67-year-old finds new life as dance champion

Why do we dance?  There are many reasons for one to start dancing, some of us have been training since we were children and some of us fell in love with it as we got older. The Today Show shared a beautiful story about a woman who always wanted to learn to dance. But it wasn’t until Elisabeth Smith’s husband passed away suddenly that she decided it was time to take action. Now, with over 200 trophies under her belt, she’s dancing into her future. This video feature of Elisabeth’s journey, proves that it’s never to late to pursue your dreams.

How to Select High-Quality Practice Shoes

Focus on Convenience: How to Select High-Quality Practice Shoes

*Originally Posted on Dance and Shop

Believe it or not, a pair of high-quality practice shoes may impact your career as a professional dancer – and there’re several reasons for that. To name a few, dance shoes, as opposed to ordinary sneakers, were constructed specifically for a dancer’s body — to allow smooth movement and prevent injuries. The selection of practice shoes, however, isn’t always easy. Fortunately, we’ve created the list of 5 things to remember before you go shopping.

1. Find your perfect fit.

Until you make an ultimate decision regarding a particular pair of dance shoes, make sure they fit — without any noticeable pressure or discomfort. Don’t concentrate your attention on the appearance or price of a model and keep in mind that the lifecycle of dance sneakers is smaller, in comparison to everyday shoes, thus, to avoid injuries, you need to replace them on a regular basis.

2. Carefully select a type of heel.

Another mistake you can make during the selection of shoes for practice is to run for high dance heels to be taller, and, by doing this, sacrifice your convenience and complicate the learning process. The higher your heels — the more pressure is on your feet, which may result in pain after a workout.

3. Pay attention to fabrics.

While deciding over your next pair of practice shoes, give preference to high-quality materials. Whereas different fabrics have their own advantages, a special place is occupied by perforated leather that allows your feet to “breathe”.

4. Flexibility is critical.

When it comes to the purchase of good dance shoes — flexibility is one of the most important factors. In a store, make sure your new sneakers aren’t too tight and give you enough freedom to move. As a rule, good practice shoes are easy to bend and they also have a thin sole.

5. Don’t forget about insoles.

While the insole isn’t the paramount criteria during the selection of shoes for practice, it’s still worth to remember — it should be soft and comfortable. Usually, the insoles made of velour or leather are good for your feet.

According to many experienced dancers, the choice of shoes is very individual and may take days till you find your match.

Still haven’t found your perfect pair?

Check out Dance and Shop’s selection of high-quality shoes!

Dance and Shop is a contemporary dance apparel store started by professional ballroom dancers Iaroslav and Liliia Bieliei. You can be assured to find all the latest trends and collections from brands like Supadance, Chrisanne Clover, Miari, Grand Prix, Danza, Strong Frame and more. They offer a wide selection of high quality items at affordable prices.

If you are in the Los Angeles Area, you can shop at their store

Dance and Shop 121 S Garfield Ave. Alhambra, California 91801

If you are in another state or country you can also Shop ONLINE too!




A Dancer’s Movement to Stop Sexual Abuse

Broken Silence

Available Now on Amazon

Dancing is more than the action of combining a series of steps and moving to music. Dance is a form of expression and  communication.  It is a way to worship.  For dancer and “Transformational” Coach, Jean Dorff, dance was a way to heal.  In his internationally best selling book Broken Silence: Living with Passion and Purpose after Sexual Abuse, A Dancer’s Story, he shares how dance helped him heal and find his inner strength and passion.  

4-time British Open to the World Professional Latin Champions, Jukka Haapalainen and Sirpa Suutari describe his book as “A brave and touchingly honest account on this silenced, harrowing topic. This subject must no longer remain hidden, anything to give a voice to too many of those broken ones.”

Jean is the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization A Dancer’s Movement to Stop Sexual Abuse.   

The foundation’s three main focus areas are:

Support and coaching – To overcome the trauma of sexual abuse and help them to lead a thriving life instead of just surviving

Raising awareness – In society through speaking events, social media outreach, and building a community of dancers and people who care for this cause, either within or outside the nonprofit.

Education and empowerment – Women, men, especially young adults. A Dancer’s Movement to Stop Sexual Abuse has developed specific workshops and trainings to educate people about this topic.

The foundation firmly believe that through these focus areas, the silence and isolation from sexual abuse can be broken and replaced with awareness and the ability to take empowering action. This will result in a lower number of sexual abuse victims, and better lives for those struggling with past traumas.

“It’s my goal to inspire people to  discover and use their unlimited potential to empower them and to create a life of purpose, passion, health and abundance, leading to their destiny, despite or perhaps because of what they have been through.”

Dance Teachers Academy recently sat down with Jean Dorff  to discuss the sexual abuse he endured as a child and how his passion for dance helped him to overcome his ordeals. Jean reads a powerful excerpt from his book.

Jean Dorff