Work Worth Doing

“Far and way the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

One of our favorite things about this interview is the emphasis that Forrest Vance has on positivity. Positivity allows you to view yourself with potential. It’s a form of visualization. You see yourself having a chance at success.

Of course, positive thinking does not come easily to most people. For most, it’s the opposite of their instinct. It is so easy, particularly as a new dancer, to become overwhelmed and want to quit. So how does one change a mindset from a negative to a positive way of thinking?

There’s never one answer that works for everyone, of course. One thing that successful people have in common is to work with pleasure toward their goals. Realize that what you want to do is worthwhile, important, and fun, and that it will continue even if you do not continue with it. Furthermore, by studying it, you become even more worthwhile, important, and fun (well, more so than you already are!).

This is not meant to discourage. In fact, it should urge you to chase after what you want before it slips from your fingers! There is so much to learn, so many techniques, so many people who love dancing just as much as you do. What good does it do anyone to stop before you even begin?

Do you allow dancing to encourage or discourage you? Do you feel like you’re getting a chance to be part of something you love, getting a chance to be good at something fulfilling?

Create a shortcut on your Home Screen

If you find that you constantly refer to the website to look at the DVIDA manuals & videos, you should add a shortcut to your home screen.  This is a great way to get quick access to the website.  It’s very easy to do and by adding this shortcut icon,  you’ll never have to type in the URL again.

Here’s how on iOS:

  1. Go the
  2. Tap the Share button.  It’s the icon that looks like a box with and arrow shooting out the top.
  3. Scroll through the options and tap “Add to Home Screen”. See image
  4. Give the icon a name.  A window will appear that allows you to edit the name of the website.  Press Add.


Here’s how on Android:


  1. Go to
  2. Tap the three dots at the top-right of the Chrome window.
  3. Select Add to Home Screen.
  4. Edit Name, then select Add.


An icon for Dance Vision will now appear on your Home screen like an app. So the next time you’re at the studio and need to review some Tango figures, you’ll be able to quickly get to the website.  Happy Dancing!


How To Build Self Confidence: An Interview With Toni Redpath

“What separates artists from ex-artists is that those who challenge their fears, continue; those who don’t, quit. Each step in the artmaking process puts that issue to the test.”  – David Bayles

In addition to this wonderful interview of Toni Redpath by Dance Teachers Academy Podcasts, we thought we would throw in a few extra notes for our dancers – whether a beginner who is learning how to present themselves, or an experienced dancer struggling with their confidence.

When you see your role model doing what you wish you could, you have three options on how to view that person in relation to yourself:

  1. The most popular reaction is, “I’ll never be able to do that!” This view provides low sense of capability for yourself and an untouchable and unattainable talent toward your role model. This viewpoint provides nothing but paralysis and harmful self-criticism.
  2. Looking at the role model and saying “I’m better than him/her, he/she just doesn’t know it yet.” This fist-shaking view provides a superiority complex bred of insecurity for you, and dismissal of true value and skill of your role model. While this viewpoint does not lack confidence that is needed to be successful, you will likely feel above learning the building blocks of skills that will allow you to be technically correct in dance. This can cause you to have the reputation of a know-it-all with, realistically, very little knowledge.
  3. The healthiest view, which is “How can I do that?” Not only does it give you an honest view of yourself, of all your successes and your shortcomings, it gives you a realistic goal to meet.

Only with the “How can I do that?” view can you improve. We know, it sounds cheesy. Are you surrounded with knowledgeable, kind people who are honest with you? Do they build you up when you do something correct and offer you solutions when you’re wrong? Do you recognize your mistakes and congratulate yourself on your success?  If you find yourself unable to view yourself as successful, consider what kind of criticism you’re accepting. Be kind to yourself and choose your company carefully. Dancing is supposed to be technically correct, but also FUN!

Blackpool Dance Festival is LIVE!

Tune into Blackpool Dance Festival, one of the longest-running dancesport competitions in the world! Since 1920 in the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, Blackpool Dance Festival has offered top-notch dancing and entertainment! Last year was the 92nd year of the event and there were 61 countries represented. A total of 2,970 entries in 13 events, 2 Ballroom Formation teams and 8 Latin Formation Teams (source:

We can’t wait to see the turnout this year! Don’t miss another second, join the live stream now. Running May 24 – June 1, 2018.

Argentine Tango – Improvisation

Ginger Rogers once said, “When two people love each other, they don’t look at each other, they look in the same direction.” While you may not always be in love with your Argentine Tango partner (or you might!), the intimate nature of the dance resonates with this saying. To dance the Argentine Tango is not to mirror each other; instead, it is about acting and reacting. The dancers have two very different objectives, working in tandem to create the beautiful tango. Let us further explain the objectives of each dancer.

Argentine Tango is a series of improvised movements that are executed by two independent individuals. There are no basic tango steps, no checklist of steps to complete before the end of a song. A good leader must have the sense about him not only to choose the next move, but to invite his partner to make that step in a way that is clear to her. She must accept the invitation, complete the movement, then regain her balance. Once she is ready again to follow, he invites her again.

The follower may indicate that she would like to stop for a moment and add an adornment, which the leader can accept and allow her to add to the dance, or he can choose to continue in the steps that he planned next. This allows the follower to add her own flair to the dance, and perhaps give the leader a moment of stillness to design their next move. The leader must be dependable, but flexible, and wait for his follower to be ready to follow him again. The follower must be agile, adaptable, and trust the leader.

If you are new to the Argentine Tango, try listening to your partner in this way. Leaders, wait for your follower to regain her balance before you invite her to follow you again. Followers, don’t be afraid to communicate that you want to slow down and add to the dance. Your personality and how you improvise together is what makes the tango so extraordinary!

Night to Remember Gala

About the Event

DanceVision Awards recognizes excellence, achievement, and creativity in the National and International Ballroom and Dancesport Communities. It honors outstanding work in eight different categories within on ecompetitive year for Pro-Am, Amateur and Professional Divisons. DanceVision Awards by Night to Remember will bring the world-wide dance community together to nominate, celebrate, and award our Stars. You nominate! You vote! Together, we present the DanceVision Awards brought to you by Night to Remember.

Gala Dinner & Dancing…

Join us for the first dining experience, top-shelf cocktails, live band, general dancing and performances by the best dancers of our time!

Nominate and be nominated!
August 26, 2018 in Hollywood California at the Taglyan Cultural Complex

Nominations are closed before the 20th of April!

Tickets available at

American Style Smooth goes International


American Style Smooth has become one of the most beautiful dance styles in Ballroom dancing today and is growing in popularity around the world.  The DVIDA American Style Smooth Syllabus is being used extensively in countries such as Canada,  Trinidad️, Argentina, Greece, New Zealand, England, Switzerland, Australia️, South Africa️, China️️ and Ireland.  If you are near Watford, England and thinking of becoming DVIDA certified,  Susan Puttock specializes in American Style Smooth.

Susan Puttock is an Adjudicator, Championship Licensed Adjudicator, National Judge, and World Class Judge.   She and her late husband Brian, started their dancing career in England as Pre-Teens. They achieved success as amateur dancers making finals in all the major events. Upon turning professional, they placed second in the prestigious Rising Star at the British Championships. Emigrating to the U.S. they became U.S. Professional Standard Champions three years in a row and represented the U.S. at three World Championships, placing in the semi-final each time. They also co-organized the Nevada Star Ball.

Contact Info
Email : [email protected]
Phone: 07771904296

Susan Puttock DVIDA Examiner Bronze- Gold Smooth
Bronze – Gold Standard