Benefits of a Student Membership

Whether you’re an aspiring dancer, or a seasoned vet, belonging to Dance Vision helps you be limitless in your dance journey.


Benefits of a Student Membership

We’re creating increased value for students like you.

What Our Student Membership Includes

Access to Our Digital Library

Grow your dancing in-between in-person lessons and classes with our Digital Library. The library includes Dance Vision video syllabi and video lessons on technique, drills, dance fitness, and more. Also available are Dance Vision Syllabi text manuals from Bronze to Gold, across most styles.

Participate in Live Q&As, Webinars, and More

Pick the brains of  your favorite teachers, students and industry professionals. 

Attend In-Person Events

We’d love to see you at our second Dance Vision Championships at the end of 2022.  The event is exclusive to Dance Vision Members and features dance camp-style classes at no cost to you. 

Are you ready to be limitless in your dancing with Dance Vision?