Balancing Life as a Suburban Mother & Competitive Ballroom Dancer

Hui Lin Lim isn’t a typical suburban mother…she’s also a Competitive Ballroom Dancer. As a mother of 2 young children and a successful career in the metals industry, she now is able to fulfill her passion for her pastime in Ballroom Dance. Initially 6 years ago, she started out as a social dancer with no formal training and decided she wanted to do something more challenging…the competitive route.

“taking dancing away from me, basically means putting me to the graveyard. I just love it so much, it’s a part of me”

With the support of her husband and kids, Hui Lin dances everyday either with her partner or by herself. Her kids even tell her that they understand that she needs to be away because they want her to win. Hui Lin expresses that it’s healthy for a mother to have something for herself.

“the biggest joy I get, is that I was able to touch people emotionally

Her most recent competition at Emerald Ball in Los Angeles, marked her best performance to date. Watch her full interview with Julie Peterson with Audlank Media, NFP for this inspirational story.

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