DVIDA offers Professional Examinations in American Style Rhythm & Smooth, International Style Standard & Latin, Argentine Tango, Nightclub Two-Step, Salsa and Hustle.

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There are two ways to take your Exams

  1. Complete Exam
    Test in all the dances of the style in which you are certifying at one time. See chart below for more details.
  2. One-dance Exams
    You can test one dance at a time. Since the Rhythm consists of eight dances, the 'One-dance' exam is actually a Two-Dance exam. See Chart Below for more details. This method has made certification more accessible and less overwhelming than a complete exam. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for each dance exam you pass. You will have up to two years to complete all of the dances within a particular level. When you complete the final dance, you will be awarded your Professional Certificate for the level you tested in.

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There are three main costs associated with taking your exams – the DVIDA examination fee, examiner expenses, and the ProDVIDA membership fee.

  1. DVIDA examination fee
    The price varies depending on the type of exam you are taking. See chart below.
  2. Examiner expenses
    You will pay the examiner hourly for their time. Each examiner has their own hourly rate, and you will pay them directly. Additionally, you are responsible for any travel, accommodation and meal costs if the examiner does not live locally. In this case, it is a good idea to amortize these expenses by organizing a day of examinations that includes other professional examinations and/or student medal exams.
  3. ProDVIDA membership fee
    ProDVIDA is a professional teachers organization and a member of the NDCA.

Professional Membership Application & Agreement Form

General Instructions

View And Print Guidelines For The ProDVIDA Examination Candidate

Types of Professional Degrees

American Style International Style Club Style
Junior Associate Core 6 Dance Junior Associate - Standard Associate (Bronze) - Argentine Tango
Junior Associate Smooth Junior Associate - Latin Master (Silver) - Argentine Tango
Junior Associate Rhythm Associate (Bronze) - Standard Grand Master (Gold) - Argentine Tango
Associate (Bronze) - Smooth Associate (Bronze) - Latin Associate (Bronze) - Night Club Two-Step
Associate (Bronze) - Rhythm Master (Silver) - Standard Associate (Bronze) - Salsa
Master (Silver) - Smooth Master (Silver) - Latin Associate (Bronze) - Hustle
Master (Silver) - Rhythm Grand Master (Gold) - Standard
Grand Master (Gold) - Smooth Grand Master (Gold) - Latin
Grand Master (Gold) - Rhythm

"One Dance" Program

American Style International Style
American Style Smooth Junior Associate International Style Standard Junior Associate
American Style Rhythm Junior Associate International Style Latin Junior Associate
American Style Smooth Associate (Bronze) International Style Standard Associate (Bronze)
American Style Rhythm Associate (Bronze) International Style Latin Associate (Bronze)
American Style Smooth Master (Silver) International Style Standard Master (Silver)
American Style Rhythm Master (Silver) International Style Latin Master (Silver)
American Style Smooth Grand Master (Gold) International Style Standard Grand Master (Gold)
American Style Rhythm Grand Master (Gold) International Style Latin Grand Master (Gold)

Sample of Exam

The Junior Associate Examination is given as an example, however, the exams for the higher-level American Styles and International Style, use the same format.

DVIDA Syllabus Steplist

View And Print The DVIDA® Syllabus Figures

Scheduling your Exam

When you are ready to schedule your exam simply contact the examiner of your choice from the list of examiners.


If you have been previously certified with another NDCA recognized professional organization, you can be recertified with DVIDA using the following process:

  1. Submit a ProDVIDA membership and examination application, a copy of your previous certificate(s), and payment for membership and recertification fee to DVIDA.
  2. Schedule a recertification exam date with a national examiner (Junior Associate recertifications can be administered by a regional examiner).

Recertification (any level)

Get DVIDA Certified in Move Like a Champion©

The exam may be taken in parts, to allow you to take a "slow and steady" approach. Here are your three choices:

Type of Exam ProDVIDA Exam Fees Estimated Length of Test
Full Exam
  • Exercises 1-64
$35 1 - 1 1/2 hours
2 Part Exam
  • Exercises 1-32
  • Exercises 33-64
$40 1 - 1 1/2 hours
3 Part Exam
  • Exercises 1-22
  • Exercises 23-44
  • Exercises 45-64
$60 1 - 1 1/2 hours